Specific Things You Need To Know About Driveways

One might have heard about the driveway. Driveway is cast-in-place concrete colored and imprinted with a pattern designed to look like brick, tile cobblestone, or other various ways. It is a lovely pattern that has replaced the use of tiles or cobblestones for decades. However, the driveway is a unique concrete pattern, and that has been why not all concreting companies Sydney or beyond can effectively do it. 

It requires special attention in installing it. However, some concreting companies in Sydney only specialize in installing driveways for both commercial and residential use. Therefore, we are saying here that, even out of many concreting companies in Sydney, one can still find those who will do it better than expected. However, this article aims to expand your understanding of specific things you ought to have known about driveways. Also, this write-up will help concreting companies in Sydney that don’t know much about driveways. It will broaden the knowledge of those companies that are already in the game of installing driveways. 

Not only that, this article also aims at helping those that desire to install a driveway in their homes and offices to know more about it. So, having learned the meaning of driveway and the essence of this write-up, let us proceed to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about driveways.

FAQs about driveways

Below are the questions people like to ask about driveways:

What type of concrete is used for driveways?

We will be glad if everyone reading this article will know the right answer to this question. Countless concreting companies in Sydney and beyond has committed a big error in using any concrete to install a driveway. Therefore, the only concrete that is suitable for driveway is concrete that is made with PORTLAND CEMENT. It is the most trusted cement for driveways because it is strong. Don’t forget that driveways must be strong because of weighty vehicles that will make a run on them. Portland cement is a material that must be added in large quantities with other materials like gravel, sand and water to create concrete for driveways.

Is the driveway made of concrete or cement?

You won’t believe that even some concreting companies in Sydney and beyond did not know the difference between concrete and cement. We interviewed one guy working with a concreting company in Sydney, and we ask him what exactly can one use to create concrete for a driveway? The answer we got from him shows his level of competence. Of course, driveways are made of concrete, and concrete comprises cement and other materials. So, the right answer to that question is; one has to combine cement and other materials like gravel, sand and water to make concrete suitable for driveways. Click here to read about The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Concreting Companies In Sydney For Your Home.

Is concrete driveway expensive?

We will say it depends on the concreting companies in Sydney that you want to give the job. But on average, people consider concrete driveways to be expensive. Also, it is expedient for you to know that you can’t compare the cost of an asphalt driveway to a concrete driveway. Asphalt driveways usually cost $2 to $4 per square meter, while substantial driveway costs $4 to $6 per square meter. But don’t let the cost drive you away. But, again, we’ve said earlier that it all depends on the concreting company in Sydney that you want to use.

Now, let’s further learn how one can get the right concreting company in Sydney to install one’s driveway.

The first step we would advise you to take is to do thorough research via the Concrete Network. You can’t assume you will take your phone a call a concreting company around you. that won’t work. Also, you can search using a zip code or state for concreting companies around you in Sydney. However, there are other ways to hunt for a competent concreting company in Sydney. Other ways are:

You can work around to see some concrete driveways and ask people to know the Specific concreting company that does the work. Mind you, don’t forget to ask homeowners about the company’s experience.

Do you know you must seal your concrete driveway?

People often ask this question. It seems what is hearing about the driveway wasn’t true. They’ve visited some places, and they’ve seen how their driveway has lost its initial beauty. We are glad that you’re here to catch this vital information. Some concreting companies in Sydney will hammer it on your ears to apply a high-quality sealer to your exterior concrete slab. What exactly is the work of the sealer? The sealer helps prevent the concrete from moisture absorption, exposure to chemicals, grease and oil stains. However, when your concrete driveway is coloured, the sealer helps to enhance the colour.

What if the driveway cracks?

The main issue here is that cracks would not be a problem if your concrete driveway were jointed properly. Would you please think of joints as planned cracks that give room for the concrete to expand and contract? Of course, this will minimize any chance of random cracking. Although, don’t forget that joints will control cracking in most cases. Also, concrete that is properly jointed can crack in places other than the joints.

What if the colour of the driveway is not what you expected?

That is the reason behind doing thorough research about knowing the best and experienced concreting company in Sydney that can handle your project. There are well-known concreting companies in Sydney that will do exactly what you want. All you need to do is contact them as early as possible and make your request known to them.


We will conclude by saying nothing should stop you from installing that driveway you pictured in your heart. We’ve highlighted some difficult questions that may likely serve as a hindrance, and we’ve provided the right solution to them. Therefore, we would like to say this again, ensure that you invite a concreting company in Sydney that is well-known is delivering a quality concrete driveway.